Ryan Valentine recorded his newest album "Reminiscence" in the spring of 2022, with two original instrumental acoustic guitar songs, four classical guitar pieces, and an original guitar duet for acoustic and classical guitar. His main style of playing is geared toward the fingerstyle and classical, with arrangements and covers of songs of all genres. He was invited to play at the annual Guitar Town Festival in Copper Mountain as a part of the Andy May kid’s showcase when he was just 16. He played at the annual Roxborough Music Festival from 2016-2018, as well as local venues including Herman’s Hideaway, the Castle Rock farmer’s market in festival park, The Toad Tavern, Solid Grounds Coffee, AfterHours Cocktail Bar, and 477 Distillery. He has also participated in house shows, along with community service opportunities playing at retirement homes. He has participated in the One World Prairie guitar contest in Laramie, Wyoming, placing 4th in the classical category in 2019 and placing 1st in 2022. He also placed 3rd in the Southard music competition in the spring of 2021. After graduating from Thunderridge High School in the spring of 2018, he studied the classical guitar at the University of Northern Colorado and received his bachelors in music business with a certificate in music technology. Most of his inspirations come from the virtuoso playing of Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, and Joe Robinson, with the solo guitar concept, flashy playing, and down to earth songs that are sweet to the ear. His unique guitar playing makes him a young new talent with much potential.